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Current situation of air conditioning purification back air inlet filter

Current situation of air conditioning purification back air inlet filter

At present, the air outlet of air conditioning and purification places and its filtration usually have several common forms: the first is to add a nylon net to the air outlet; the second is the air outlet and a filter made of multilayer metal mesh; the third is only the air outlet and no filter. The practice without filtering proves that it is not advisable, not only to satisfy the use function, but also to be the channel of small animals and insects, and can also be a place where the low quality workers discarded the sundries at will.

At present, the design of the efficiency of the return air filter is not specific, the national standard and the industry standard also have no corresponding regulations, so only one layer of nylon filter net is added in the product. In the semi centralized air-conditioning system with common fan coil and fresh air, the single layer nylon net can not basically filter. When the particles and fiber pollutants in the air circulate to the fan coil surface cooler, the condensate is stuck on the surface cooling device and part of the water drops into the condensate plate. These pollutants become the hotbed of bacteria attachment and reproduction. The dust deposited on the surface cooler can also reduce the efficiency of the heat exchanger and increase the energy consumption of the whole air conditioning system, which can not achieve the desired results.